[Help] Syncing Contacts with Android

I have the calendar sync working fine on my phone with the DavDroid app, with contact syncing enabled, but the contacts will not sync to nextcloud. I even exported my contacts to a .vcf file to import, but nextcloud complained that it only supports .vcf files version 3 or 4.

I’m getting no errors or warnings other than this lack of .vcf support. I don’t even know what version my phone is spitting out but this is really getting ridiculous.

This, on the face of it, looks either like a @davdroid issue, or a configuration error.

That would be the simplest explanation, but I’ve removed everything and followed all instructions both manually setting up davdroid and letting the nextcloud app do it. There’s never any problem except with the contacts. CardDav and CalDav are both enabled. All boxes are checked off and syncing completes with no errors.

Do the contacts have to be in a certain place on the Android? I’m trying to do this without using google or any other service as a middle man.

Does this help: https://www.davdroid.com/faq/existing-contacts-are-not-synced/ ?

For me the easiest way to sync was actually using the way over Outlook, so sync the contacts with an local outlook database, sync that database with nextcloud and then sync the nextcloud contacts onto your phone. May not be perfect, but if you are using Outlook anyway, its pretty easy :smiley:


Maybe late but i use CardDav-Sync free 0.4.21 to sync contacts between my android phone and Nextcloud server.