[Help] Synchronize ldap contact

I just installed Nextcloud 16. I have an LDAP server, and I want to synchronize it with my contact in nextcloud. I saw there is an app for this, but it’s for nextcloud 13 or lower. But I don’t find the new solution.
Thanks for ideas.

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If you meant the LDAP Contacts app, this seems not to be an app to sync contacts but to access a LDAP directory from within Nextcloud. The app isn’t a Nextcloud core app, so you should directly contact the app developer and ask for information about future developments.

This app is to sync contact with ldap, but it seems aborted.
My problem is I have a LDAP, and for the moment no contact. I don’t want to create contact one by one.

There is currently no plan to import a user to the contacts app, you will have to create them manually.
There are opened issues about it already.

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