[Help] Sync Contacts in Thunderbird

I am trying to use CardBook to sync contacts with Thunderbird at home and at work. When I ran the add remote address book it said validation fail.
I downloaded Nextcloud Sync app for Ubuntu (18.10) and ran this to see if it would help.
I don’t think it was necessary but it is nice that my files sync. Is there some way to tell what is going wrong. I am able to sync wit NextCloud using the Sync App. But despite using the same username and password, contacts sync is not working.

Hey Rich,

last time i had to setup my years old Thunderbid Profile too. After this I am facing the same problem.

My solution at this point was to edit the Thunderbird Configuration. I am not yet at my Computer. I remember the way is:
Enter Settings/Advanced Configuration Editor
and type
network.cookie.same-site.enabled = false

For me it helps, hope its the same for you… angrem


Jep sounds like this issue: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/10134

  • Solution by angerm worked for most.

Same solves calendar sync.

You rock. That worked fine. Thanks


Temporary solution in the selected answer. :slight_smile: