[Help][Solved] POST Array data to Bookmarks App REST API

This is solved

Solution :

I’v re-read the docs as i finished writting this topic, and realized you don’t have to pass the array as a parameter in the body but inside the url as a GET statement…

Like that : POST /index.php/apps/bookmarks/public/rest/v2/bookmark?tags[]=firsttag&tags[]=secondtag&page=-1

Original post :

Nextcloud version _17:
Operating system and version Ubuntu 18.XX):
Apache or nginx version Nginx 1.4:
PHP version 7.2:

Hi, i’m looking for some help about using Bookmark REST API.

I already looked in the doc as for creating a bookmark using the API and it works

But i can’t get tags or folder to work, it require to pass an array as a parameter in the post request and i’m not really sure how to do that.

I tried a lot of different way to pass the information unfortunatly it doesn’t work.

I know here is maybe not the best place to post it but Bookmark sub-forum doesn’t seems very active and i didn’t wanted to open an issue on Github as this isn’t really a bug.

Thanks :slight_smile: