[Help] Share addressbook

Hi again.

Thank you for the help on contact app update.
The goal of the update was to do something as in

I did create an addressbook through occ for a user A. But how could I share this adressebook with user B, directly on NC?


Hi again! :slight_smile:
You need to open the contacts app and go to the settings section of user A. Click the share icon, enter user B name and click on it.

Open User B session and contacts app, the addressbook will be displayed :wink:

I can of thought of such a thing, but the step “settings section of user A for app contacts” is unknown to me :slight_smile:

Where is such a setting page? No matter where I look, I get NC settings, but not contacts settings

Ah, I got it.

It is the settings on “bottom left” of the page, not the wheel on top right :slight_smile:

All good. thanks

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Bottom left :slight_smile: