[Help] Searching an app to work with contacts notes/todo

Hello everybody,
is there perhaps a NextCloud app (which I have overlooked) that I can use (like in a small CRM) to write notes, ToDos and resubmissions, etc. about contact entries?
Thanks for any hint.

You can write notes in the contact app in each contacts if that is what you meant?

Other than that, I don’t think any other app in nextcloud manage contacts :thinking:

Thanks for your immediate response, but: no.
I don’t want to write all notes referring to issues, todos, ideas, etc. with one contact directly into the contacts app. That’s why I wrote, that I’m searching for a little customer release management system (CRM) or so, that uses the entries in ‘contacts’ as a basis, but saves current notes in its own extending database fields.

No idea then, not sure there is already an app for this :slight_smile:

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