[Help] Restrict the list of visible contacts to a group to members of this group

Is it possible to restrict the list of visible contacts to a group to members of this group

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This seems to be kind of? achievable (if you refer to the contacts menu and sharing dialog) when you select the following options in the Admin-Sharing menu:


Thank you very match for your time,
my question is not for sharing options but when I click contacts, we can
see all users and not just the members of the common group

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In my test these hooks also limit the users in the contact menu - another option isn’t available afaik.

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Thanks Irgendwie

Please it’s possible to add the ability for the admin to remove the list of all nextcloud contact without restrict sharing ? Displaying the complete list of users is a violation of users’ privacy. On FB, snapchat or other social network, you can’t list all users accounts, and it’s just normal.

Sorry, but I’m not affiliated with this Project anymore, maybe @skjnldsv can help?

Hey, you mean in the contacts menu, in the header?
You have a setting to disable autocompletion in your nextcloud, have a look at the documentation :slight_smile:

Disabling autocompletion on all the nextcloud instance ? I hope it’s just a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me quote you

If displaying the full list is a violation of your user privacy, then disable auto completion.
That is exactly why this is here for.
It will still provide you the exact match of a user, but not allow you to search through the list.

Thanks for the infos.

i don’t have see any parameter for global autocompletion. Is it “‘login_form_autocomplete’ => true,” (from here)?

Sorry I’m late,

This is in https://cloud.domain.com/settings/admin/sharing

Working fine, Thank you.

Resume for readers : it’s remove autocomplete and contact list.