Help required in creating/debugging workflow

So, here’s my goal. I already have flows in place which tag specific files by filename when they are uploaded. Now, building on that, I would like to convert images which have a set of those tags to PDF. So I created a rule with three conditions:

  • is tagged with X
  • is tagged with Y
  • mime type matches Images

But unfortunately, nothing happens when I upload stuff matching those criteria, so I created another flow to post to a chat channel, to debug. As expected, nothing shows up.

The weird thing is that if I manually remove the tags from the file, and then re-add them one by one, then when both X and Y are added, I get a message in my channel.

So, how am I supposed to

  1. create a flow which triggers when a specific set of tags are added to a new file by another flow
  2. debug the flow engine

Ah, I couldn’t debug the engine despite all my efforts, nothing in the system log, neither the flow.log. I posted an issue about that on the NC server github.

Any help/suggestions appreciated.

Anyone with any experience with this topic?