Help! Problem with connecting to Nextcloud on unraid after accidentally changing some settings

I’m running the latest nextcloud in an unraid docker (bridge network) back in Beijing China, and I’m using this server and nextcloud as my file storage at the other end of the world (Michigan) connected via zerotier.

Everything works well (but very slowly) until today I accidentally changed the network type from bridge to host, and “Privileged” to ON. I switched back shortly after I found that I couldn’t connect to nextcloud anymore, but even though I reverted all the settings I still could not make the connection. Network is working fine, I’m able to connect to the server and other dockers on the server, except nextcloud. Restart the docker/reboot server does not work. Is there anything I can do? Should I reinstall the docker? Will this lead to data loss? I have tons of files and data on nextcloud that I need to access, can’t afford to lose any.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

The docker itself seems to be running successfully (checked the log), but no device can access it, not even the VM inside the server can (which can access the server via my house’s router).