[Help] Photos shared by public link opens in collabora

Hey forum,

i just discovered something strange… I share some pics with someone via link (no download, no editing) and it’s gonna open for them. But not in viewer as I’d expect but in a CODE (built-in collabora) page.

I run nc in a (NCP-)VM on my Synology
photos is on 1.1.0
CODE is on 4.2.800
MySQL 10.3.23
Php 7.3.19

If you’d need more info feel free to ask and I’m gonna provide it
Looking forward to your suggestions


Yes, viewer fr public sharing is since nextcoud 20 :slight_smile:

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that’s great.
But no chance to backport it to nc 19 and 18 (when photos was made the new standard viewer?)

No, photos and viewer follow server’s release schedule :slight_smile:
Please update :rocket:

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