*** Help *** no data visible after nc-restore

When trying to restore nc after Sharing Symbol Missing problem we have got new trouble: No data is showing up AND no sharing symbols!

After the above mentioned upgrade to NCP 1.24 and NC 18.0.3 I restored to NC with nc-restore. Automatic nc-scan has been activated after nc-restore. Data is at the right place on the server. User can login, BUT no data is showing up :hot_face:

How to go on further?


Start by checking output of:

sudo ncp-report

Copy to pastebin or similar and link here, if want help.
Or check ncp’s faq

Here it is


Just to complete history:

  1. Yesterday ~ 11:30h
    1.1 Backup with ncp-export-ncp, nc-backup (without data) and nc-snapshot
    1.2 Update from ncp 1.20 to 1.24 via nc-update
    1.3 Update from 17.x to 18.0.3 via nc-update-nextcloud

  2. Result
    2.1 System running / Datasync possible but
    2.2 Sharing (Freigaben) is gone: see Keine Freigaben

  3. Today
    3.1 Try to fix problem by restoring via nc-restore (using existing data)
    3.2 Result: after nc-scan user can see last activities but no files AND
    3.3 Sharing still isn’t available


Cross posting your problems twice is not making it easier to assist you.


I thought my first posting will give additional information on the system status.


I did some more investigations: Can it be that nc-backup backups the database but nc-restore doesn’t restore it to the previous location?

The configuration file /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf says

  • datadir = /var/lib/mysql

and when I use nc-database the default value of /var/lib/mysql is shown, whereas nc-datadir shows the right vaule of /media/cloud-data/ncdata … and as far as I can see the backup doesn’t include any settings outside the nextcloud directory.

Seams to be a bug?

Idea the following steps:

  1. nc-init to cleanup nextcloud configuration
  2. nc-database to default location, such that ncp “knows” where it is"
  3. nc-restore will give me a running system, where database is restored to the default location