Help! Nextcloudplus does not run after reboot. ssh and samba work

After i rebooted the Nextcloudplus (on a raspberry pi 3 B+) by the ncp-panel i can’t access my nextcloud (wether data nor admin-panel). It seems to me as that is is not running.

Samba and SSH work.
Top delivers no processes like ncp or nextcloud.

Any ideas?


give us the output of sudo ncp-output.

Hi. I solved it by myself.
Line 1 in /etc/apache2/javascript-common,conf was:
Alias /javascript /usr/share/javascript/
This caused a syntax error and apache did not start. I commented the line out and apache started.

Then i had to create a symlink from /var/www/nextcloud/data to my USB-ncdata. Don’t know why ncp was looking there because i had configured it in ncp-WebUI but so what.
Now it runs again. :slight_smile: