Help Nextcloud, vote for us in the Cloudcomputing-insiders award!

It’s the third time Nextcloud is nominated for the Insiders award. The first time we hit 3rd place and last year second with a tiny margin - help us make it to the first spot in 2019!

Access the voting form here!

The voting form is available in German only, so here’s a quick guide for the rest of the world:

  1. Open the form, scroll to the “Filesharing and Collaboration” category and click the Nextcloud logo to vote. (You can vote also for the other categories if you want to)
  2. Scroll down to fill the required fields:

Choose “Frau” for female or “Herr” for male

Type your first name in “Vorname” text field and last name in “Nachname” text field.
Enter your email address.
Click “Nein” for no or “Ja” for yes to decline subscribing or subscribe, respectively, to their newsletter (which is in German).

Click “Senden” or enter to submit the vote.

That was it! Click here to vote.

Please, note that the website you are about to visit, as most news sites, tracks visitors.

BTW I used Google Translate in a chrome browser and it caused the page to not work right.
I got through it in the German version. I wrote in NextCloud where it wasn’t an option yet. :wink:

I’m not in the drawing for the prize though because I’m not EU.


Yet we really appreciate your efforts!!! And yeah, Nextcloud can do more than file storage, so it would fit in more categories… Heck, I keep hearing from people how many webservices they can stop using after installing Nextcloud!


The Passwords app is going to free me from the Chrome browser! I might use it by choice, but I won’t be stuck with vendor lock-in anymore. I have so many things to transfer over though, its a long job. Been using Chrome since it launched.

Next stop on this train is Librem hardware.

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Voted. I just love my NextCloud! :slight_smile:
Who is forced to use Chrome anyways? What’s wrong with Firefox, just disabling Chrome? On Android you also can use Keepass2Android (FOSS) as Auto-Fill provider for passwords (apps + websites) and sync it with your cloud. Even more comfortable. :wink:

You got my vote. I cannot recommend nextcloud enough!

Had no problem with Google Translate. I did have to refresh the browser after selecting the above link, but then everything worked fine.

Seems like you made it to 2nd place once again. Not bad, but it still seems like the project you forked from is still more well known, which is a pity!