Help Nextcloud,large than 10g file fold lost twice

My win10 system was installed nextclound client for sync my files. It works well one mouth ago. However my file large than 10G was lost from my pc。Fortunately, the file on the server side has not been deleted. When the client synchronizes the file larger than 10G on the server again, the synchronization will be successful.Today, the 10G file on the PC is deleted again.How can I solve this problem? Thank you very much for your advice.

Please try to check logs of client under C:/yourPathToNextcloud/.owncloudsync.log. Basically it is a root folder where you sync your files on local win10 PC. Try to find what was done regarding your big file, you can post it even here afterwards.
P.S. file is hidden, check how to show hidden files in win 10.

@gas85 Thanks for your answer.I can’t find any logfile in myPathToNextcloud.
I found that my computer’s C disk left only 150M of free space, deleting files is not the cause of this?

If you please open you NC client and hold a mouse over the “Syncronised with local folder” how it shown on a Screen shot you will see the path to your nextcloud folder in windows (marked with green arrow).
In my case this will be C:/Users/SomeUser/Nextcloud/ in this case logs file will be under C:/Users/SomeUser/Nextcloud/.owncloudsync.log

It could be also the case if no space left to resync the file. But check the logs first, find all lines regarding your big file.

Sorry, I was wrong. In a newer NC Client version logs are being saved under C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Nextcloud\Nextcloud_sync.log
Please forget about .owncloudsync.log.

Thank you very much,I found the logfile.pardon me,I have to do other important things now. As time permits, I will reply to your results as soon as possible.