[Help] Nextcloud does not synchronize birthdays

does anyone of you also have problems with synchronizing birthdays?
If I set a birthday on my mobile phone or PC, nextcloud does get the contact, but does not include the birthday in it.
Therefore after another synchronization there is no birthday information about that contact on any of my devices.
Does anyone has any ideas how that could be?

Thanks a lot,

What client to you use on android to sync your contacts?
What application are you using on your pc to sync contacts?

Iā€™m using DAVdroid on Android and SOGo connector for Thunderbird and I am not able to reproduce this.

I am using opensync for my mobile device and cardbook for thunderbird.

Since opensync is a fork of DAVdroid it should work, as it does on my phone. Therefore sorry, but not able to reproduce. Nonetheless if you are experiencing this issue, it may be best to open an issue at the cardbook and/or opensync repo.

Edit: opensync seems to be forked of version 1.5.0 of DAVdroid (https://deependhulla.com/android-apps/opensync-app) and no changes seems to be made by the person behind the fork. On the other hand it seems like contacts without a year in the birthday were fixed by the DAVdroid team with version 1.9 (https://gitlab.com/bitfireAT/davdroid/commit/7c8a8ee9fc29c746c41aaebecaf6553e9ba3c8c0).

thank you for your research, even though I saved all my birthdays including years and therefore do not had troubles with that, it did got me another idea.

After I manually said thunderbird to use the format yyyy-mm-dd it worked.

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