Oauth is broken with Google?


I have really been struggling to use google to authenticate for logging in to the forum - instead i have been mailing myself login links here to get in.

I am getting 502 bad gateway from if i wait long enough for the Oauth to fail.

Github works, just seem to be google
Are anyone aware? :slight_smile:

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I am still facing this issue, are there anyone whoโ€™s aware? :slight_smile:

@admins : Any of you that can handle this? Or do we need to raise a ticket at github somewhere?

I have also seen a lot of 504โ€™s and CORS Policy issues lately, right now my profile picture does not load :slight_smile:

I am also unable to upload files to my messages, that just times out, so i need to use external providers to host my pictures.

Bumping this one, Google login is still broken. Where can I report this ?

You can try on the website repository: Issues ยท nextcloud/ ยท GitHub