Help, nextcloud android app same version, but not same interface and function?

Look the screen shot, Nextcloud android app same version:1.4.3,
but Nexus 5X diffent with SM-A3000 why ???

What version of Android is the Samsung running? This depicts what you see within the app.

Cc @Andy

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Version: 1.4.3, app are download from google play store, not the beta version or RC .
Samsung SM-A3000 Android Version is 5.0.2
Google Nexus 5X Android Version is 8.0

Hi @bd7jhh,

With 1.4.3 the auto upload feature is Android 6+ only. This will change with the upcoming release 2.0.0 which introduces auto upload for all Android versions. :slight_smile:

Oh, it’s good news, thanks.

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