Help needed: Problems installing software at Nextcloud box and raspberry pi 3

Hi guys,
this weekend I got my nextcloud box and was really happy to start and create my own cload. But somehow I am able to get it too work and at this moment I really dont know what to do anymore, hopefully someone is able to point me in the right direction.

I followed this tutorial:

  1. I started with this image: ubuntu-core-16-armhf-rpi3-installer-20170329.img
  2. Created an account at
  3. Created a public key with puttygen and saved it in my ubuntu account
  4. Boot the nextcloud box with an ethernet connection
  5. During the first boot I got to the profile page and entered my emailaddress (SSO)

In the end I got to a page saying that I could login through SSH with my username (from @ the IP adress of the box. I can ping the machine, and can see it has a connection through my router.
But whatever I try, I can not login with SSH or get passed this message. I have tried multiple SSO accounts, reformatted the SD card, different keys, formatted the harddisk on my ubuntu machine etc.
Also I can not see anything on this URL: ​http://nextcloud.local​.

Have you also tried: ssh [default_user]@nextcloud.local?

Hi Hollerauer, thanks for your reply. Yes I have tried that, but I got the same result, Access Denied.

If you’re starting from scratch and willing to try a slightly different approach, I’d suggest the same route that I recently suggested in this post:

(in that posting I overlooked the fact that the OP was looking for a client recommendation, not a server, but it sounds like you want to set up a server).

Also, this thread covers similar ground, and received similar responses:

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finally had some time to continue, but your advice worked as a charm, just as I expected from the “official” image. Thanks a lot!!

Glad this worked out for you. This is great…@nachoparker does all the work, and I get all the credit! Can’t beat that. :slight_smile: