[Help needed] Migration problem owncloud 9.1.6 to nextcloud 10.0.5 : Extracting Cant handle ZIP file. Error code is: 5 installation

Hi there,

I was just about to migrate to NextCloud with the migration tool provided, but now I am stuck in the middle of the migration process. At first I got an error message saying that the selected version is older than the current version - which seemed odd to me as the script selected the NC version based on my current OC version automatically. I hit “Retry update” as this is the only actionable UI element anyway :wink: and suddenly I got a different error message further down:

Help … please …

I would guess your php uses an old zip version… can you tell us which version you are using?

Does that help?
Zip version 1.12.5
Libzip version 0.11.2

I did some tests with the updater, and it run with zip 1.13.5. So it could be. I posted a bug on the bug tracker, the developers can perhaps give you more details (if you can add some more details of your system, this would be helpful in order to reproduce your problem):

As a workaround you can run a manual upgrade:

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@tflidd thanks a lot for your help. I uploaded this php info, which might help: http://scheiner.cc/info.php

But I can’t make adjustments to the server (easily) as it is a shared hosting sever, though I could still try the manual way …

Better reply directly to the github issue.

@tflidd thanks. Done!

@tflidd is there an easy/safe way to get out of maintenance mode again, while I am waiting for the Github issue to get looked at?

This ownCloud instance is currently in maintenance mode, which may take a while.

You can just change it in your config/config.php.

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