Help! NC 16 LB + 2 Front + 1 SQL (maria) + (1x redis)

Hi !

I have done this setup:
1 x HPE Microserver gen10
2 ssd storage
2 Data storage
32 gig ram

1x Ubuntu 19.04 HaProxy LB 4g ram, 1vCpu
2x Ubuntu 19:04 Front (NC App + nginx + php 7.1) 8gig ram 2vCpu
1x Ubuntu 19.04 SQL/Data ( MariaDB + NFS Data storage ) 16g ram 2vCpu

The problem i have is:
Login Warning (multiple login errors)
When both Fronts up hard to login/long logintime /not logged in.
Apps not sync between fronts.

When i go to 10.0.0.xx the login takes time but when in its really fast and smooth
Same when going to url.xx and get logged in.

i know i used more resorces than i have, But at the host not near the max is reached

So its for sure a application/setup problem

Sorry to hear that you have problems. Regarding reverse proxies there is a bit of documentation:

On authentication backends, there is not much. But on the given information, it will be difficult to help you (don’t expect too much, these are mostly user with rather small setups here).