Help moving Nextcloud out of snap? What files to migrate?

I’ve been running Nextcloud since Owncloud and now that I have my life stored in it, it’s broken down and I can no longer access.

I am running nextcloud on an odroid arm system and it’s been working flawlessly up to recently. Unfortunately, nextcloud is installed in a snap. Geh.

In the syslog, I see messages telling me that a nextcloud update failed and apache failed. I don’t think apache failed, but the log Is saying it can’t find the apache pid file. Also, can no longer access MySQL from the command line (not found for some effing reason even through I see it running in the process table.)

Best solution, in my world, for anything in a container is to get rid of the container. Not a fan of containers. Don’t need 'em, don’t like em, don’t want 'em. Just more overhead stealing cpu cycles and memory. <rant=off>

Since I don’t want to go through the pain of debugging a container app and trying to access services native to the container, my plan is to re-install said services organically on the server, then install nextcloud sans snap.

Question is: what files do I need to move over s.t. I don’t lose all my stored data? I did this once before, when I migrated over from Owncloud to Nextcloud and it was silly-easy. Could someone please point me at a walk-through or similar resource if one exists for moving the data files from the snap installation to a normal install?

I’m not very familiar with Nextcloud environment, tools or utilities since the software works so well, I don’t need to be. Which means probably that any help or suggestion will be a revelation.


root@odroid:/snap/bin# snap refresh
error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Run pre-refresh hook of “nextcloud” snap if present (run hook “pre-refresh”:

Waiting for Apache…

<exceeded maximum runtime of 10m0s>

I removed version 19, then restored back to 16, then did incremental refreshes up to stable and now everything works again.

Snaps. Geh.

Hope this helps someone else!