Help Local storage!


I am running NC 13 on Ubuntu LTS 18.04 as a VM on Hyper-V. I have a drive on the physical box running windows 2016 that has the files I want to make available to the users I give access to NC.

I know there are many posts and articles but I have information overload and cannot get the drive to be seen by NC or seem to get it to set-up in Ubuntu.

I can easily share the folders to other clients on my network but struggling with Ubuntu.


Did you try and ask the hyper-v community how to link a folder from Win 2016 in a Linux machine? Once you managed to do that, you have to set the permissions that the webserver user (in Ubuntu: www-data) can read or read and write this folder.


As tflidd stated, you need to mount the share into your VM first. After that, you need to set the ownership to the www-data user. If I recall correctly you can simply attach the physical disk to your Hyper-V VM. Or you could create a Virtual Disk on that external drive and link it to the VM. It’s your choice.

If you wondered how to set the ownership to www-data, it’s the following command:

sudo chown www-data:www-data -R /path/to/datafolder

This will recursively set the ownership of /path/to/datafolder.


Why not just share the drive from windows and mount it as external storage in Nextcloud?


Simply attached the physical disk to the Hyper-V and now the VM will not start. “An error occurred wile attmepting to start the selected virtualmachine(s).” Server failed to change state



“Why not just share the drive from windows and mount it as external storage in Nextcloud?” That is what I wan t to do but it appears it is not that simple.


OK the VM is back up an running. I have a NFS share but still cannot add the folders to Nextcloud