[Help] Ios - how to sync existing phone adressbook and calendars

hi forum. i am new here…

we try to setup my collegues’ iphone 5 for working with my nextcloud 13.

he never used icloud on his phone and his local mac. he does only itunes-backup. so iphones adressbook and calendars are not synced with the ones on his mac. they have different adresses and appointments running. and he doesn’t want to loose one of his adresses or calendars.
we added nextcloud-accounts on iphone following the instructions in user manual and have a working connection.

nextcloud-adressbook syncs. BUT his iphone adressbook does not sync. and we find no option for linking the local iphone adressbook to nextcloud adressbook.

on my account i simply downloaded my macs’ local adressbook as vcard-file and imported it into my nextcloud-adressbook. same with my calendar. and deleted local adressbook and calendars. i had only one adressbook, not two different like my collegue.

for him this sounds like a ridicolus solution, he is afraid of loosing one of and his adresses. and most importantly he has no time to sort over 1000 adresses and look for duplicates.

i can understand him easily and wonder too, if there is a function to transform/link local adressbook to nextcloud adressbook.

thanks for every hint

There is no way to sync on an iPhone local existing data (addressbook or calendar) to Nextcloud. The only solution I know of is to sync the data to a computer via iTunes and then sync the data from there to Nextcloud and then add caldav/carddav accounts to the iPhone.

Maybe there is also an app in the appstore that is capable of exporting calendars/addressbooks. I don’t know.

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Have you take a look at this: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/13/user_manual/pim/sync_ios.html?

Closing as no feedback.
iOS sync is working fine and have been thoroughly tested by us. Only macOS is misbehaving (see High Sierra address book does not sync)