[Help] How to hide photos from the photos app

How do I hide photos from the photos apps? I use the photos app for showing people certain photos but I don’t need them seeing all of them. I have the photos I want hidden in a cetian folder

Create a file named “.noimage” or “.nomedia” in the directory which shouldn’t be scanned for image files.

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ok thank you, then how do I trigger a re scan? is it occ files:scan admin?

Yes, I think that’s the right command to update the files for the user “admin”.

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ok, thank you!

Am I still able to work on files while I am scanning?

Why not? As long as your server is able to handle the additional load, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Ok good! How often should I scan my files?

Once?! I don’t expect better results if you scan the same files multiple times :wink:

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I mean like 24 times per day? one an hour?

There is usually no need to scan the file system, if files are added, deleted or modified using the web gui. It might only be required if you’re by-passing Nextcloud and copy files to the file system using e.g. scp, ftp, etc.

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Oh ok. so the fact that I have a cronjob to run the file scan evey 5 minuets is worthless?

Yes, you’re right.


Ok thank you so much @j-ed for you help!

Yes please, no need to scan unless you add files manually to the data directory (which you shouldn’t).
If you add files via your account webdav or webui, all is well, no need to scan.

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