[HELP] How do i integrate the nextcloud calendar to thunderbird?

im currently using thunderbird in windows and using the lightning addon but whenever i synch it gives me error (the calendar Personal is momentarily not available)

In nextcloud click on “link” for the calendar you want to sync and copy the url

In Thunderbird Lightning

  • New Calendar

  • in Network

  • Caldav
  • adress (the one you copied from nextcloud)

  • name, color and optional E-Mailadress


…and it should work…

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Thank you very much for the detailed how-to, that worked well :slight_smile:

However, I did not find out yet how to display other users free/busy information in the “Invite Attendees” window in Lightning (see https://sourceforge.net/p/opencrx/wiki/Admin30.GroupwareServices/attachment/Admin30.GroupwareServices.pic230.png for example). In my understanding, there needs to be a way to assign a calendar to each email address used for the invitation. How can this be done?