Help for install, important

Hello everyone, I’m looking for, since 3 days, a new way or the lastest way to install Nextcloud server on my Debian computer… It’s running all the time, and a I’d like to use it like my personal data center. Whoever, I didn’t find a perfect way or tutorial on the web for this specific installation, even on the official site, too bad.
If someone of you could help, It’ll be with pleasure…

That link has a guide where nextcloud is installed with the help of ansible.

Fine, but it’s only the sites of the applications used by Nextclound, do you know where can I find a complete tutorial to install Nextclound on Debian ?

That is a complete way of installing it on Debian 9. Not just a link to apps.

Using ansible and that repo you will get a complete installation and collabora or onlyoffice as well.

I haven’t found any up to date guide to do it. Most others uses scripts or docker or repos like this one.

I use this one.
Updated very often :

You could also use the Nextcloud VM scripts. :wink:

They don’t work on debian :wink: to bad I haven’t had the time to finish my work

That’s true, it’s Ubuntu based - which is Debian based. :wink:

to find out the difference between ubuntu and debian you only have to diff the roles/*/tasks/[Debian|Ubuntu].yml files. :wink:

e.g. for letsencrypt (and I guess for php, nginx, redis as well) you have different repos.

and sometimes you have variable in roles/*/vars/main.yml to address os specifics. but as far as I remeber this was more about CentOS versus Debian/Ubuntu


  'CentOS': '/run/php-fpm/php{{ php_version }}-fpm.sock'
  'Ubuntu': '/run/php/php{{ php_version }}-fpm.sock'
  'Debian': '/run/php/php{{ php_version }}-fpm.sock'

and everything was derived from Carstens settings.

@K_C the playbook doesn’t take care if on your server is already another existing software stack using webserver, php and/or database system. the existing config would be overwriten or it would come to an error condition and stop. the indention of this playbook is to run on a fresh debian/ubuntu/centos (on a cloudserver) to setup nextcloud with four commands on the cli.

if you are more familiar with bash scripting carsten also provides a debian script:

but I guess you will run into the same problems with his script if there is already something installed on your server.

in that case it’s best to use his debian howto:


Seriously, I was confused, I didn’t see the entire github page you sent before. That’s really good and pretty easy to install. I’m actually installing it, if you could help, one more time, by sending me an exemple of the nextcloud:vars file ? Or by telling if it’s possible to modify this file after ansible-playbook nextcloud.yml comma and ? I want to be sure of the installation, without any issues… And again, thank you for the help sir.

Modify the inventory file. Run the prep for nextcloud shell script. And then ansible-playbook nextcloud.yml

Both the prepp script and the playbook can show errors and halt. But it is just to run them again in that case untill they finish without an error.

I haven’t had the time to contribute fixes for that back to the repo