Help for a beginner : Config & Domain

Hi there,

I am tring to install and run Nextcloud.
I downloaded the VM from the official website et managed to install it (on a proliant gen8 server running on ESXi 6)
No problem regarding the access of the webmin interface (mylocalIP:10000) but I get trouble when trying to access the actual interface.
I get an error message telling me that I am trying to access my server from an unapproved domain. I am still on my local network… I tried to access the config.php file to add my local IP in the trusted list but cannot access the nextcloud folder (permission denied) (no problem to access /var/www).

Could you please help me ?

Another question : Is the domain name mandatory to access Nextcloud from the outside ? (or my Internet IP with redirected ports is enough ?)

Thanks a lot !


How are you trying to edit the file? Through Webmin or SSH? If you’re using SSH, try typing ‘sudo’ before the command and entering your password.

A domain name is not required to access Nextcloud from the Internet, but you will need to put your IP address in the trusted_domains field in config.php.

I managed to modify it this morning using putty, thanks.
For an unknown reason the SSH client I was using before didn’t work…

Another noob question : I’m using raid5 on my OMV VM and would like to create a folder on this filesystem to store my Nextcloud data.
So I would like to make it available from my OMV VM to my Nextcloud VM.

Is it possible ?

I now managed to share my NAS via SMB.

But I don’t get access to my Nextcloud server from the outside (https://MyPublicIP/nextcloud) :

  • I add my public external IP in the trusted domains
  • I redirected ports :
    • external:xxxx => LocalNextcloud:80
    • external:yyyy => LocalNextcloud:443

Am I missing something ?

Many Thanks !

Can you connect to the webserver from outside via https: https://externalIP

In case how did you configurate https (webserver config)?

It is now working thanks !
I’m going to create a new post for another issue :slight_smile: