Help extending partition

So full disclaimer, I’m a Windows Systems Admin by profession…not a Linux admin, although hopefully that’ll change over time.

I installed the OVA from “Tech & Me” that was provided by this community. It’s worked brilliantly and saved me what would likely be days of work.

However, I noticed the VM was only built with a 20GB vmdk. So I Imported this OVA into VMware and resized the vmdk to 1TB. Now of course, I need to extend the system partition that this all resides on in order to actually use it!

Being a Linux novice, I’m hesitant to do this…anybody point me in the right direction? I’ve just taken a snapshot to be safe…Thanks!

@enoch85 : Don’t you have a FAQ somewhere with a guide for this?

Normally you just need to resize the file system. Problem is the device must not be mounted which is impossible on a mounted device. Can you set a boot device and boot into the VM with it, then you should be able to access the device and resize the file system (resize2fs). Sorry, it’s a bit generic but I don’t use it and can’t give you are more detailed description.

found it:

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