Help/Errors Installation of NextCloudPi_RPi_Berryboot_11-04-18

-Using BerryBoot 2.0 (berryboot-20180929-pi2-pi3). If this is not the latest I can not find anything newer.
-Using NextCloudPi_RPi_Berryboot_11-04-18.img
-Pi3+ SDCard with USB store drive attached. (Thumb drive for testing 50gb)

  1. First Boot (SDCard with BerryBoot files on it) I preform the install of BerryBoot2.0 on the sda: (USB Thumb drive). File system used on this install is btrfs.Encrypt IS NOT checked.
  2. Installation complete. Press “OK” to reboot.
  3. BerryBoot Menu editor launches after reboot. I then follow the instructions of installing using the “Copy OS from USB stick” and selecting /media/sdb1/NextCloudPi_RPi_Berryboot_11-04-18.img.
  4. Image is copied from sdb1 to sda (not sure why it didn’t show as sda1 in step 1 but did in step 3)
  5. Click Exit, remove USB that had image on it.
  6. BerryBoot Menu comes up and autoboots 1st Boot.

First Boot.

  1. One error message on first boot "Failed to start LSB: Resize the root filesystem to fill partition. See systemctl status resize2fs_one.service"
  2. No other errors login prompt:
  3. Log in as pi / raspberry
  4. Console:
    v0.64.12 is outdated
    update to v0.66.1 through ncp-config or type sudo ncp-update

For this run I will try to just do the Initialize to set the ncp passwords and then update.

  1. Open website to https://ipAddress
  2. Web Page opens and you get the “NextCloudPi Activation” field are auto generated and you click “Activate”
  3. You get a spinning circle with “NextCloudPi not yet initialized, trying again in a few seconds …”

Edit: Before starting over I ran the ncp-update and I get the same message as in #3 right above this.

I was going to start over do all the same steps but run the “sudo ncp-update” before trying to do the activation. I have done this though a few times now with the same results.

Any help would be great. I am on the IRC as well.

Hi @nxtcldO112
Thanks for reporting and info provided.

Nothing to worry about, just original rpi system checking if resizing of partition is needed, berryboot has taken care of that so need for it.

This first run can take a very, very, very long time on a rpi, i think mostly due to limited RAM.
One has to wait untill “init done” appears in the ncp.log

As you are doing a fresh install, it seems, you can run nc-init from ncp-config to make fresh start, then after activating, go to log and wait for “init done”
Or if you get errors post them here or on pastebin.
To keep the log file open I use

sudo tail -f /var/log/ncp.log

You should see all the actions taken come by untill init done:persevere:

I am using same versions of bb and ncp on rpi3+ (for testing), works very well

You can also find me and other ncp users at (alias @ovpso) if you want.

Note: I always make a clone in berrybootmenu at any stage that I want to preserve for recovery/testing purposes.
Note: If you’r in raspi-config for keyboard and other, might as well set memory split to 64 for GPU it should add bit of RAM to cpu and impove general performance. Check before and after with

free -h

Thank you very much for the reply. I will review and do the steps you suggested. I will get back to this testing/install tomorrow or over the weekend. Thank you again.

After the install and ncp-update I let the system run overnight and did the init via the webpage the next day. I let that run for several hours (probably not needed that long). I am now able to logon and access the site. I do not know if another update or fix was done in between my last install and this one.

I am able to now configure the system. Making personal changes and storage additions.

Thanks again for your help and suggestions.

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