[Help] Contacts Nextcloud to nextcloud

Hello everybody,
I’d like to know if it is possible to synchronize contacts from a nextcloud server to another.
For the moment, I just import the contacts from N1 to N2

Thanks a lot! :hugs:

Check out, if the Nextcloud federation provides that functionality. In the following video such a function is mentioned but to be honest, I’ve personally not yet tried it out.

I didn’t find out the way to do it.
I can get an agenda from another instance of Nextcloud, but not the contacts.
The best way I found was to deal with Lightnin and Thunderbird as a medium through the two address book.
I don’t either understand the way to deal with the federations which seems to promiss powerfull developpemnt.

Thanks a lot for the help !

Hello, in the bottom left settings, you can share and addressbook.
You should be able to target a specific user on another nextcloud instance like user@other.cloud.com.

Then the user on the other cloud will have to accept the share :slight_smile:

I tested it, federation Module is active, but I only get the message:
“No elements found”
When I try the share the adressbook with the user from another server.

@georgehrke, can’t have federated shares in dav lib?


It’s not yet possible to share calendar and contacts with other Nextcloud instances.
There is a feature request about it: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/1440

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