[Help] Contacts app settings

I have just installed the contacts app, entered a few contacts and then tried, following the NextCloud 13 User Manual, set-up syncing with my Mac.
Unfortunately when clicking the contact app setting ( bottom left corder ) the “iOS/macOS CalDav” address is NOT available.
In Calendar it is.

Whats going on ?
Can somebody please enlighten me.

Contact and Calendar = 2 diffs apps.Need install/enabled them both.

The address is un bottom left corner of page calendar, click on setting & imports

I am aware of this and yes both apps are installed.
In Calendar I can get the url when clicking the “Settings” on the bottom left corner
BUT NOT in contacts. Unless they are both the same.

they are. Same protocol.

Thanks. Ok but still why isn’t there the url info in the contacts settings?
If one only needs contacts…

ask the devel …

Url is available in the settings: