[Help] Cardbook Validate Fails

Hi everyone,
I’m new to Nextcloud and recently signed up for an account with www.cloudfiles.at

I’m now trying to integrate my contacts with Thunderbird email client, so added Cardbook to Thunderbird. The problem I have is when trying to add a remote address book. I enter my url, then my email address and password and click validate. The validation always fails. I know the email address and password are correct as I used them to log in to my account via a browser and they work fine.

Am I missing something simple? Any help would be appreciated - I’m using Thunderbird 60.2.1 on Linux Mint 18.3

Hello! Have you try using an app password instead of your regular password? :slight_smile:

Yes I did but had the same problem. I created a new app password too but the same thing happens.

Damn, maybe you’re missing some config on your server.
Please take a look at https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/stable/user_manual/pim/sync_thunderbird.html
And https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/9869#issuecomment-416606536

Closing as old topic and solved