Help cant find Send password/activation link to new user

Hello ,

I’m new here and looking for help.

I cant find password activation link options when i create a new user.
Its realy easy to let the user set his own password when u have to create more then 20 users at time.
Maybe this options is not available but i found this article :
i’d like to use this options like Morris jobke explain.

Anyone can help or explain plz ?

Sorry for my english i hope u understand my request.


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This feature is scheduled for release 12, so won’t be available yet.

Hi Stephan,

It’s August of 2018 and release 13 at the moment. Is there any way to sign a new user up and have them sent a link to activate their account, set up their pw, etc?

This feature has now been implemented. I can confirm it works as expected.

When you create a new user (and don’t set the password) an activation email is sent to the user which enabled the user to set the password.