Help binding external drive - what's the PATH?

Hoping you can help newbie with limited programming skill. I’ve got pretty far just following guides though.

My system is a windows system, running NC via Docker. I also have portainer installed.

The Ask: Add an external usb drive.

I’ve mounted the USB drive as a folder under c:/nextcloud/data. I want bind the container to volume to this path. However, I don’t know how to find the path I need to enter in the portainer.

In the NC terminal, I tried the command “mount” “lsblk” hoping to see the path and got the results below, but it doesn’t show the path I want, I don’t believe

Hoping someone can guide how to get the path I need or correct how to mount the drive if needed. I feel like I am close but need a little help.


You have an extra layer to consider here because the USB drive is not connected to the container itself.

So probably the thing to do is add it as a volume mapping to your docker container (this gives it the path you’re looking for), and then attach it in Nextcloud as local external storage.

Can you explain how t do this? thanks

No, I’m afraid I can’t. I haven’t used Portainer, or Docker on Windows.

Thx…so close and yet so far