[Help] Android apps for contacts?

I installed Davx5 to sync my Nextcloud calendar with my Pixel 3 running Android 10.

I got calendar sync working both ways after some trouble. Turns out the name of the calendar has to match both places.

I’m trying to get two-way sync working with Contacts and it’s just not working no matter what I try. I have managed to export my Google Contacts contact list to my Nextcloud server using Davx5, so points there, but I can’t get contacts to sync otherwise.

At this point, I think the problem is Google Contacts. It just doesn’t want to play with Davx5 for day to day sync of contacts.

Can anyone suggest an alternate Contact app for Android 10 that works well with Davx5? Only suggestion I found on their site was “True Contact” or something, which is marked as not compatible with my phone.

The default Android contacts app works fine and without any problems. Have you checked that all imported contacts are correctly displayed in the Nextcloud web gui? As far as I remember the best way to take over contacts from Google is exporting them to a vcf file, making sure that the file format is VCARD3 and import them into Nextcloud.

Glad it works for you. On my phone it’s flaky.

No problems getting all contacts that were on the phone into Nextcloud, as I mentioned. It’s what happens when a new contact is created one the device or in Nextcloud.

I have discovered something interesting, which is new contacts I made as a test on Nextcloud did not show in my Android contact list, but they did show up when I did a search by name. If I delete one of these on the phone, they go away on Nextcloud. I checked, I’ve set things to show all contacts.

Also, even though I set the Edit New Contact to Davx5, the new contact editor still defaults to my Google account. However, I do get a selection drop down for Davx5 and a contact entered on the phone with that selected is synced to Nextcloud.

From my experience it is important to set “Groups are categories of contacts” in DAVx5 to correctly sync them. Additionally the Android contact app usually uses the address book which has previously been used during a contact creation.

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Saw that. The wording for Contact Group Method in my version of Dav is “Groups are per-contact categories” which I have selected. The other option is “Groups are separate VCards” which I saw somewhere in the setup instructions was not what I wanted.

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I’m using a different language setting on my phone therefore it is possible that it is named a little bit different :wink:

This mechanism is currently not supported by Nextcloud so it’s not really your decision.

This is interesting.

I made a contact “Invisible Contact” in Nextcloud contacts. It does not show in the “All Contacts” window of Android Contacts but it does show if I do a search.

In the Phone app, when I select Contacts it does show up. Maybe the phone app is defaulting to search mode or something?

Anyway, all of this is just a run up to moving to my pure Linux phone now that they’re making and shipping the things. This doesn’t have to work well on my Android phone.

How did you do this, I’m not aware of such a function?

Sorry for the confusion.

The first name field is “Invisible” last name field is “Contact” such that the entry shows ( or does not show ) up in the Contacts list as “Invisible Contact” Should have put in the “Mr.” field.

Just so I could remember what I was looking for and remind myself if I did see it that this entry was not visible everywhere I expected it to be visible.

Ok, there is not really a function to make a contact invisible, so that all records in the database are synced to mobile devices. As far as I remember there might be different results on finding records due to performance concessions. That means not all data and fields are automatically loaded into memory to keep the access speed on an acceptable level. Maybe that leads to the impression that some records are invisible and others not.

[SOLVED, see bottom of this post]

My current version of Nextcloud is 16.0.5snap3 (Contacts App is ver. 3.1.6), which I’ve installed from a snap.

I’ve got a OnePlus 6 phone, running Android 9. I’ve got the latest Nextcloud and Davx5 Android apps all installed and configured.

All addresses successfully sync downward from Nextcloud to my Android Addressbook, when I do a sync in Davx5. But a newly created contact in The Android Addressbook does not sync upward from the Android Addressbook to Nextcloud (when I do a sync in Davx5).

As advised above, I’ve been sure to:

  • Set “Groups are per-contact categories” in Davx5, not “Groups are separate VCards”
  • Set my Davx5 address book to be the default addressbook to save to, in my Android Addressbook.

Edit: an upgrade on my phone from Android 9 to 10 fixed the problem. My phone vendor just released the Android 10 upgrade to me today.

Thanks for the help! :rocket: