[Help] All Contacts not syncing with Davdroid

I have deleted and reimported contacts in NextCloud and then reimported using davdroid.

I have done this twice deleting on both sides and still will not sync all my contacts 1425 total.

Not sure why this is happening as it didn’t happen on the first server I had owncube install. However this new server it is only syncing about 200.

They all show up in my nextcloud contacts app just fine however they will not all sync to my phone.

I tried deleting the app on my phone and still is not working.

Is syncing of DavDroid account and Nextcloud account enabled on your phone?

Yes they are enabled and allow to access contacts. I also see that davdroid has been added as an account to my phone. What is odd is that after waiting a while more contacts have shown up but not all of them that are in the nextcloud contact app. I would say I am at 900 now of the 1425.

Where would I find the caldav/cardav logs in nextcloud?

It was requested from the Davdroid team. A log file name might help as well. Sorry I didn’t setup the nextcloud instance myself it was done by the provider.

davdroid probably requested their app log?
Otherwise any log for webdav is the same as the webserver, so you will find the data you need in the access log to check the responses, and the error log for, well…, the errors :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for testing purposes, you can import the contacts with Thunderbird & Cardbook addon. This helped me to solve some troubles with the contacts import.

Ok it getting back to this it looks like over time each of the contacts have made there way into the contacts app on my android device. Not sure why things tooks so long but they seem to have self resolved overtime.