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I come from Android and I use “group” to group my phone contacts.

When I import my contacts into nextcloud-16.0, I don’t think the group is picked up. Then I manually set a contact into a group on the server and sync them. I don’t see the group is created nor the contact is placed under the group.

Is “group for contacts” supported? Thanks!

Groups are supported as long as they are stored as “categories of contacts” and not “separate VCards”. The DAVx5 app on Android e.g. provides a configuration option for it.

Here is what I did:

  1. Export my contacts from gmail in vcf format;
  2. Login my nc account via firefox, click on “Contacts”, click on “Settings” on the left lower corner, click on “Import into”, select the contacts.vcf which was generated in gmail;

When the import is done, the group field are not populated at all. The “group” is the “label” in gmail.

Should I do it via “DavDroid”? I did too and the results are the same, no “group”.

I don’t know in which version (v3.0/4.0) Gmail exports contact records and if the category field is correctly populated. Please check the content of the vcf file with a text editor.


VERSION:3.0                   # <<< version number
FN:Mr John Doe
CATEGORIES:Work               # <<< category field

It is in v3.0.

Here is the sample:

FN:John Dole
NOTE:Don’t call me, I will call you.

Now I come to realize one thing, Google’s contact export doesn’t include the “label” field.

The CSV version does include the “lablel” but NC can’t use it. Am I correct?

Yes, I think you’re right. It seems that the vcf export function strips some fields.
I recommend to give a csv to vcf converter tool a try. See e.g.:


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Closing then :slight_smile: