Helm release does not match

Hi everybody !

I’ve got a nextcloud app installed with Helm by an ex colleague.
When I’m checking the version in the app, it’s written : 21.0.2
But, with I go to the Helm page, it’s written that the version of the last helm chart is the 19.0.3 :

I’m pretty lost, which version is it ? ^^

Plus, do you have a guide to update properly nextcloud with Helm ? I’m a beginner with kubernetes x)
I found that :

Is it the good way ? Will I loose my configurations ?

Thank you community :slight_smile:


I suggest you try it out in a testenvironment. When upgrading from 19.x to 21.x you have to do the step over 20.x as the upgrade path is defined that way, on nc15+ the upgrades usually don’t kill configuration, but there is often different behaviour which cannot be found out when reading the changelog.

Maybe you can upgrade the helm-package to v21 and migrate the data folder + database. Hope I understood you correctly.

br chris

What probably happened is that that Docker image is running v19, but in the meantime, the server has been updated to v21 using the native tools (web interface or occ CLI). The Nextcloud system files are mounted from the Docker image, but the persistent data storage files that overlap will take precedence. After making sure you have good backups of your data (web) files and database, I think you can update the image tag in your Helm chart to reference the v21.0.2 version and update your deployment.