Hello guys please help

i want to now the way to make me and my team can edit our files ( excel sheet or documents) form the web

at least onlyoffice and/or collabora must be installed additional to nextcloud.
at which point of that journey are you?

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i have already installed collabora but when i open an excel sheet file it doesn’t open

i hope you installed the container not only activate the app in nextcloud. :wink:

did you reboot your server. collabora needs a reboot.
did you install certifcates correct? collabora is rather sensitiv here.

what error do you get? which howto do you follow?

i thought that when i install collabora from the app and make it enable every thing is going to work:rofl::rofl:

but i found that i have to integrate it on my server with Nextcloud

so i need steps one by one :grin::grin:

i have installed nextcloud on Ubuntu server

pls check the forum for suggestions as there are some…