Health, an app about your personal health

Health, an app for nextcloud.

I am thinking about to make an app for everything about your health.
This is for your personal view, not for a doctor or hospital.

Feature list for the start:

  1. Scheduler for reminders:
  • drink some water
  • take a break and make some moves
  • take some medicine
  • measure temperature, blood pressure, etc.

Shows notifications in the nc notification center.

  1. Documentation
  • amount of drinking
  • steps
  • taken medicine
  • temperature course
  • woman period
  • sleep time
  • weight
  • drinking alcohol
  • eating and kaluria
  • blood sugar
  • pain historie
  • sports, burned calories
  • feeling today

Holds data and show them in charts.

Ideas for further features:

  • Export documented data as csv and pdf to take or send it to a doctor
  • API for import and export data like steps etc.
  • Import main formats from fitness-gadgets
  • find and integrate open source gadget-bridges
  • define targets (weekly, mothly or whatever) and manage them
  • combine data in one chart to find dependencies

Everything that I found what is done before is:

Inspiration by:

Are there some similar projects?
Or are there key features you like to bring in?

Maybe you are an expert for one topic and you like to support me by helping to find the best parameters for documentation for the different things?

Or even nobody can say you never told us from your plans… :slight_smile:


i think there would be a lot of interest in this app, especially since Garmin got hacked a few days ago ( i think a lot of people including myself will think twice about uploading our health metrics to garmin.

i’d like to self host my personal health data as much as possible.

I don’t need all the metrics you are proposing. Mostly just tracking weight, and maybe having a way to store my garmin files locally without manually copying them to my computer.

i’m not a coder, so i can’t help with that but i would be very happy to test your app!

which parameter do you expect to track your weight?

  • date
  • weight
  • comment
  • … what else?

Do you have a example file from garmin? I would like to have a look at the structure to know how much work it is to integrate this…

i’m not sure how garmin stores this information on my phone, so i can’t provide a file. i did a search on my phone for sqlite databases but i don’t think anything is stored locally. probably uploaded straight into the cloud

for weight tracking, garmin only logs

  • weight
  • date
  • time

date and time are automatically filled in based on the current date and time, but can also be manually adjusted if needed. i’ve added a screenshot if that helps

Thanks a lot.

Your three parameters will be the base.
For more I will look at this:

Will be good to have an option to add photo like in myfitnesspal app.
The Weight, Body Fat, Muscule part, Body water are must have.