Having trouble migrating from 'normal' nextcloud to snap

I have a nextcloud server running on Ubuntu16.04 and would like to migrate to a new server: Ubuntu 18.04 in a VM.

I did try to follow the docs on Migrating to a different server, seemed easy enough: back & restore.
Sadly the documentation is lacking: While it does have all the commands, it does not mention where you have to be to execute them.

$ sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode --on

only works with you’re in the nextcloud folder, the documentation does not even mention the default.

After creating a backup of the folders and the database I tried to do the reverse on the new server. But there is no /var/www/nextcloud because Ubuntu 18.04 server installed the snap version.

After doing some searching I found that it’s in /var/snap/nextcloud. But it’s not the same folder structure as on my old server :frowning:

I could not find a howto on migrating from a ‘normal’ server to a snap server. The documentation does not help as it does not even mention how to deal with the snap version. (There does not seem to be a maintenance mode, you simply stop the service)

What to do now?

  • keep the snap version and move the files manually from could to cloud?
  • replace the snap version with the ‘normal’ version?
  • ?

I am a bit frustrated especially since the installation of the servers went really quick. It was literally pressing space during the server installation one more time and I had a nextcloud server. Is migrating servers such a niche thing to do?