Has anyone tested NextCloud w/ either cPanel and or CloudLinux?

Hello Team,

Just curious if anyone has NextCloud running on cPanel and/or CloudLinux?



I just upgraded my owncloud install to nextcloud which is hosted on shared hosting with cpanel and it went through just fine. No issues at all.


Really? That’s awesome! Did you install ownCloud through Softaculous? How
did you upgrade? Any PHP issues?

Please provide any details if time allows.


I did originally install with softaculous. However, a manual upgrade is very simple. You download the nextcloud zip file. Then you go into your owncloud folder and delete everything except the data and config folders. Unzip the new nextcloud file. It will unzip into it’s own /nextcloud folder so you will need to move the files back where the previous owncloud files were. Replace everything except the previous data and config folders. Go to your owncloud/nextcloud url to login and it will auto-configure. You can do the whole thing in 5 minutes.

I have one issue after the upgrade.
onwcloud was installed with softaculous and was then manually upgraded to nextcloud.
Now my softaculous states that there is an update for my owncloud, even if as far as I understood there is no owncloud instance anymore…
Anybody has a solution for that?

Hm, actually you migrated to Nextcloud rather than upgraded…although it was unarguably an improvement in every which way :smiley:

Thing is: there is, of course, ongoing development of Owncloud and chances are, Softaculous now prompts you to upgrade your Owncloud-not-in-exstance-anymore instance now to version 9.03 (of Owncloud!!) released on the 30th June

Chances are, accepting this “upgrade” will screw things up for you BIG TIME. I’d rather not and disregard softaculous prompts from now on for good :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer, is there a way to remove the prompts from Softaculous?

Unless someone here accidently uses it too you might better address this question to softacolous or the web Hoster running it :slight_smile:

If you go into Softaculous and find your installation there is an option to ‘edit details’. select this and you will find an option to disable update notifications.

HTH :slight_smile:

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Did any of you have permission issues when installing nextcloud on cpanel?