Has anyone gotten Backup to work?

If so, how? Mine’s just stalled with “The creation of a restoring point as been requested and will be initiated soon.”

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I have exactly the same problem.
From time to time I also have pop-up message “Unable to fetch app data”

I can’t find any instructions how to resolve this.
My Nextcloud ver. 23.0.3 if official image and runs in Docker behind proxy on Ubuntu 20.04LTS.
I set up couple of different external storage types in hope that backup will work with at least one of them but so far no luck to run it at all.
If I try to manually create restore point with command:

docker exec --user www-data nextcloud_app_1 php occ backup:point:create

I get the following error:

In AbstractShare.php line 27:

Invalid request for Invalid path, “:” is not allowed (InvalidPathException)

I’m aware of GitHub repo but I could not find anything useful there either.

Any help will be appreciated.



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I gave up and went with a totally different approach. Might return to this in the future once it’s had time to mature.

What i did (btw, I’m running bare metal on Linux mint) instead was install webmin on Linux because it has beautiful support for scheduled backups of mysql databases. On top of that, i shared the nextcloud directory using samba, connected to it from a windows machine and set up a scheduled task robocopy job to back up the nextcloud file system.

Crude but effective.

I agree to that SUBJECT: Did anyone have a successful Backup App running so far?