Has anyone ever gotten Windows WEBDAV connection to NextCloud?

Has anyone ever gotten Windows to talk to NextCloud using WEBDAV?

I have Windows 10 and it absolutely will not connect.

My Linux machine connects fine using both the NextCloud client and WEBDAV via Dolphin file manager.

Clearly I can’t use the prefix webdavs:// that dolphin uses, but I should be able to use https:// to make the connection. But Windows says it is invalid. I am very frustrated and I am sure it is Windows’ fault because there is no feedback as to what is going wrong.

Here are my screenshots. The first one is from my linux box and this one works. The next two are from Windows and they don’t work. Feel free to try it yourself and hit my server. If you get to the point where WIndows asks for the password then you got past where I am stuck. Let me know how you made it work please.





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Ok, I got it working right after posting my cry for help. I don’t know why the URL for Windows is different than it is for Linux.


That URL did the trick and Windows finally connected!

Anyone know why windows wants it that way, but Linux wants it like this…


No user user name and the “files” folder is not there either.