Has anyone been able to make the Nextcloud 18 HUB ONLYOFFICE integration work?


Has anyone been able to make the ONLYOFFICE integration work on Nextcloud 18 following this guide?

Been trying to make it work for 2 days and I just want to know if I am losing my time on something that doesn’t work yet.

Thanks for your answers!

that not works for you ?

Hi, thanks for your answer.

Yes unfortunately, I was not able to make it work.
Can you confirm to me that you did?
If you were able to make it work using the standard installation, I will mark this topic as solved.

Works fine on 18.0.2.

I did exactly what is described in the howto.

What do you mean exactly whith “not working” ?

It does work. Did you install both of the necessary apps?

Thank you all for your answers!

I created a topic with my specific error:

Please do help me on that page.

I will mark this topic as “solved” as you gave me a positive answer to “Does it work for other people?”

I got that error message and upon adding the following the error went away:


I hope it helps… :slight_smile: