Has anybody used openSUSE Studio to create Raspberry Pi OS images?

It would be nice to have available pre-configured images for Raspberry Pi installations of Nextcloud which include

(a) a well-tested base operating system (Raspbian, openSUSE, or whatever may be suitable)
(b) the latest Nextcloud software preconfigured to run out of the box

From what I read, this should be very easy to create with the help of openSUSE Studio. With such a well-prepared image file, it would be just a matter of "dd if=the.img of=/mount/sdcard" on a notebook, then take out the SD card, insert it into the Raspbi and boot to have a working Nextcloud server.

But there is two pieces of news, one bad, one good (over-compensating the bad one):

  1. SUSEstudio.com will be shutting down on Feb 15th.
  2. The functionality of SUSE Studio will be merged with Open Build Service (OBS) to form the new “SUSE Studio Express”.

So, has anybody ever used the current/previous SUSE Studio to build a Nextcloud image for Raspberry Pi (or even any other CPU platform)? If so, make sure you export your settings file(s) (“Kiwi configuration file”) to OBS before Feb 15th, else they’ll be lost. If not, I may be giving it a try to create one from scratch. However, not having followed the latest developments of Nextcloud too closely, I may not be the best person to come up with a well working image in the short run.

Maybe this post triggers someone to tackle this even before me. If so, please reply to this post and keep us updated how this goes.

here is a build based on raspbian: