Has anybody got Nextcloud 17 working with S3?


I’ve searched the Internet looking for how to get S3 working with Nextcloud 17 as the primary data source. I’ve followed everything, and nothing is working. Everything ends in “Internal Server Error”. Does anybody have a procedure to follow from a clean install?

Or can someone tell me how to file a bug?

This is what I’ve learned so far:

  • You can’t switch primary data sources with any existing files. You have to first delete all files then switch.
  • Using an existing S3 bucket doesn’t work for me. You have to specify “autocreate”=>true in config/config.php And then make sure that bucket name doesn’t exist.

Following the above rules gets be farthest down the road (I can see some files in the newly created bucket). But even then I still get the Internet Server Error.


OK, I figured it out. The procedure is this:

  • unzip the nextcloud download to the website, but don’t run the web install yet.

  • create a file config/storage.config.php that looks like this:

    <?php $CONFIG = [ 'objectstore' => [ // the regular objectstore stuff goes here. ] ]; ?>

After you do this, then run the web install. It all works great then! Thanks to https://autoize.com/s3-compatible-storage-for-nextcloud/