Hardware suggestion for Nextcloud

I installed Nextcloud for 1st time on my home PC. At the moment my system is a Gentoo linux desktop PC with a network NAS (Western Digital My Book) mounted. Nextcloud is installed in PC and /nextcloud/data in NAS.
I use Nextcloud for me (phone sync mainly) and the calendar for business too (remote connection with ddns).
I understand this is not the best setup, could please suggest some better solution?
I need a setup that is secure for my data but not extra expensive.

Thank you!

How about this tread? Best cheap hardware to run Nextcloud on?
There are a lot of alternates being discussed.

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welcome to the forum and thanks for your very first contribution.

though there’s a favour i’d like to ask you for… like: it would be very helpful if you’d use the built-in searchfunction of the forum since usually there are already threads handling with the same or similar issues.

thank you in advance and rock on