Hardware consumption of version 21?


I have a virtual machine by my hoster with 8GB main memory.
Over time, nextcloud used 99% from the 8GB.
I do not want pay additions 4GB to my hoster.
I have read an artice that nc 21 is more faster and used less main memory.

Is this correct?
Can I save myself an additional 4GB if I install version 21?

Thank you!

I am running Nextcloud on my local Raspberry with 4GB. Not a VM, but the performance isn’t much better.

However, the device works without issues for my three users at home.
I’ve seen also installations running on less memory

I guess you should first investigate where the intense memory consumption comes from. If it is polling from desktop sync clients, it would probably make much sense to update to NC21 and install the notify push app (but only possible on root servers or vps with ssh access). Please refer to the manual for further instructions: GitHub - nextcloud/notify_push: Update notifications for nextcloud clients

Really? I think it is more caching than really used RAM. Please post a few details.
Linux commands like “free”, “top”, “htop”, …

You might also consider to upgrade to PHP 8.0 after upgrading to NC21 which has much performance improvements itself, as far as I heard.