Harddrive standby/spindown & mounting

Short version: I want my USB Harddrive to spin down / enter standby mode.
Longer version: I run a Rapi4 with raspbian and an external USB Disc. If I install hdparm and mount the disc through fstab, it spins down after 2 min. After installing nextcloud and it mounts the disc, it does not.
I now would like to add the nextcloud-partition to fstab and was wondering what needs to be done to do so? Just mount /dev/sda1 to /media/myclouddrive? Do I need to disable automount in nextcloud? Any special options needed like auto or user(s)?

Honestly, it is not really good for your drive to spindown each 2 minutes. If you want to run it as 24/7 Server better to keep it always on.

Is your NC data partition and DB located on this USB Drive?

With NC you have always read/write to the HDD. It is DB that basically dump data each few seconds depends on configuration, it is a cron job (for NC 16 each 15 Min and NC 17 each 5 Min), it is server Logs (apache, php, nextclou) that are written on each access, it is a php that does things…